Freitag, 10. Juli 2009

Dr. Strangelove, or:

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb


Su Haitao hat gesagt…

Excellent work! congratulation!

I would also like to exchange blog links with you, just because I like your style so much, and would like ready to see these great works!

I have joined your link :)

Mike Eppe hat gesagt…

Das Bild ist eine Bombe... :)
Der realismus des Feuer ist spitze!! Und die Karicatur, mir fehlen die (deutschen) Wörter; toll!

Jason Seiler hat gesagt…

Very cool . . . scary!

Tel hat gesagt…

Great work Patrick - he's a worrying personality that's for sure. Did a similar one (nowhere near as good) about a year ago. Nice work.

Nelson Santos hat gesagt…


Patrick Strogulski hat gesagt…

Thanks Su Haitao, already added your blog to my linklist.

Danke dir Mike, Bombe gefällt mir, ich hoffe dein Bildschirm brennt nicht ;-)

Thanks Jason, yes it´s scary, but i don´t think it will come so far, yet it is a powerful political tool.

Hi Tel, thanks a lot, you are right and it´s a obvious image motif.

Obrigado, Mr. Bombastic, belo dia !

WaLdo MaTus: hat gesagt…

excelent painting! scary topic!

Nico Di Mattia hat gesagt…

Great one Patrick! cool composition.

TURCIOS. hat gesagt…


Felipe_caricaturista hat gesagt…

Dude your good work!
very same!
His illustrations have given me lessons!
I saw the blog and decided to give manohead, very good!
if you can give it a look in my blog of cartoons ( are getting there but so humble!
Sorry anything not speak English and had to use the translator google!

Patrick Strogulski hat gesagt…

Thanks guys, great to get such nice comments !

Felipe_caricaturista hat gesagt…

The first international review of my blog!
Man, thank you, I love you!
ps. I am not gay! I have no prejudice, but I am not.
You can send me the English comntários, I do the translation in google, ok?

Felipe_caricaturista hat gesagt…

put your blog on my list of blogs, if not asking too much you could do that too?

geronimo hat gesagt…

na der neue job nimmt dich offensichtlich nicht so her. solche kunstwerke benötigen einiges an zeit. gruaß noch minga!

JPA studios hat gesagt…

Great stuff man, I've linked ya too dude

Manoj Sinha hat gesagt…

Very nice caricature, I like your previous one too. I just added your name as my favorites.

Patrick Strogulski hat gesagt…

Many thanks guys !!!

Anonym hat gesagt…

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