Dienstag, 22. Juli 2008

Robin Williams

Technique: Computer painting


geronimo hat gesagt…

hi patricia!
voll cooler robin williams! kompliment.
lg geronimo

Patrick hat gesagt…

Danke Gerri,
wir sehn uns im September, freu mich.
Bis dann Patrick

Nelson Santos hat gesagt…

Hi Patrick! Thkx for the comment my friend, yes indeed maybe i will give a shot at the beard version :) By the way in November i will be in Dusseldorf maybe we can drink a weissbeer?

Patrick hat gesagt…

Hi Nelson,
i'm looking forward to your bearded
version and i'm always prepared to drink a weißbier with you.
Greeting to Portugal

Niall O loughlin hat gesagt…

Hey Patrick, great drawing, hope your well!

Patrick hat gesagt…

Thanks for your nice comment niall. everything is very well with me.
I visit regularly your blog and always come across with excellent caricatures.(a secret fan;-)

Niall O loughlin hat gesagt…

Thanks Patrick, that's great to know.

hanzz hat gesagt…

Brilliant caricature !

♥AMBre hat gesagt…

Dear Patrick,
I've chosen your Robin Williams for a post on my blog today.
Thank you and congrats, I like a lot your Art. All the best to you.