Donnerstag, 8. November 2007

Krüger Workshop III

Had a great week at the Krüger Workshop III.
The drawing above was made by Peer Retera, a
real funny and quite nice fellow, we met us
at the Workshop. Thanks for this memory Peer.


Niall O loughlin hat gesagt…

Great to see your blog,,will add a link ASAP.

nELSÖN! hat gesagt…

Hey Patrick maybe next year i will go to the Oktober Fest and we can drink some of the best beer!

Patrick hat gesagt…

Hi niall, hi nelsön,
thank`s for linking to your blogs.
I´m looking forward to see your
future work.
Nelsön, when you are in munich next year, send me a mail. Would be a pleasure, to have some beers with you.

Cheers fellows, Patrick